What Our Lovely Community Say About Us

A Huge Asset To Me And My Business!

"I desperately needed help in growing my business.  I felt I was at a standstill and didn’t know how to move forward. 

I did wonder whether The B&B School would be right for me – I’m not a “true” B&B as I don’t prepare meals and share my space with my guests.  I have several self-catering accommodations and a campground.  I didn’t need to worry though - the B&B School has been perfect!

When it comes to what I have gained from joining, there is so much to share I don’t know where to start! 

Stephanie has a HUGE amount of knowledge, on so many levels and provides so much valuable information.  I am learning what to do and what not to do, recognising the mistakes I have made and, with Stephanie’s help, quickly changing things. 

Stephanie’s knowledge of what to say and how to word things is amazing.  Her help and support in making my website more attractive has been so valuable.  I am constantly improving my marketing skills.

I love the fact that everything is recorded so if you have questions about what was said you can go back and watch the replays.  And the live calls are just the best because you get to interact with other students and learn things from them too.

I have recognised that I was working WAY to hard IN the business and not working to BUILD the business – that has been the greatest a-ha moment for me!

If you’re thinking of joining The B&B School, don’t miss this opportunity.  It has been a huge asset to me and my business.  I am learning things I didn’t even know about!"

Lisa, USA

Anyone Who Joins Will Be Successful

"I joined The B&B School because I had a rude shock in 2019 when bookings for our B&B and holiday cottages went off a cliff. I knew I had to change things but didn't have the expertise to do it alone.

I have gained so much from the working with Stephanie.  Having a clear framework to follow and put in place to grow your business has been priceless.  

There are so many aspects of marketing and technology that I thought I knew, but quickly discovered I didn’t!  I have learnt so much. 

Knowing how to really wow your customers has been a really big win.  I’m also now on top of my numbers and have become far more detail conscious and, therefore, more attentive to what will make my place a long term success.

I love the live coaching calls and being able to get the support, advice and guidance you need from Stephanie.  The community is also great – being able to share problems, ideas and successes.  Many minds etc!

It is such a competitive world out there and I’ve learnt that to stand out and get noticed you have to differentiate yourself from the herd.  And that takes know-how which is exactly what you get as a B&B School student. 

Stephanie has walked the walk and knows business inside out, but especially the mysteries of digital marketing which ultimately will determine if you stand or fall in this digital age.

She brings an innate amount of insider's knowledge to the table and really knows her stuff.  Add to that a process that drives profitability, then anyone who joins The B&B School and does the work will be successful!

Stephanie is very close to all her students and always has time for us, which is different from other business mentors I've tried.   She also obviously does her homework because she has a real feel for our individual businesses.   And most of all she is very easy to work with and a very nice person!

In my opinion, The B&B School is not only affordable but offers amazing value for money!"  

Charles, England

We Have Gained SO MUCH!

"I stumbled across an ad for The B&B School in my Facebook feed in April 2019, just at the right time. We were struggling with our own B&B and needed help.  After talking with Stephanie and with the price being reasonable we decided to try it.

I have gained so much from joining, including improving my marketing skills and knowledge, being on top of the business numbers and learning all the different ways of wowing your customers (ones that I’d never even thought about!)

I have learnt that there is so much you can do in advance to ease your own workload, when it comes to communicating with guests, organising the marketing and ensuring the business runs smoothly.

The training videos are great for watching over and over again and the live coaching calls perfect for meeting real people in a similar situation, not only “text book examples”.

The biggest win for me has been a fantastic support from Stephanie – the best online coach ever!  We’ve gained so much we’re still working with her 10 months on! 

We have had to close the B&B as we are returning to our home country of Sweden but with Stephanie’s guidance and support we are now turning our property into a holiday home and we can’t wait to see what the future  brings.

If you are thinking of joining The B&B School then I say just do it! If you put in the time needed you will NEVER regret it!"

Anna, Sardinia

I Should Have Done It Years Ago!

"Doing the B&B school for me was a no brainer, although I've been in business many years, technology had changed and business was becoming more difficult to come by.  I knew my business still had potential but I needed help!

Doing the free B&B Bootcamp confirmed that with Stephanie's expert guidance and new learning and work, I could turn things around. That excited me!

The B&B School format is simple to follow, the resources are easy to obtain and training is given in a number of forms, making it very user friendly and adaptable to everyone's lifestyle and time zones, so you can work at your own pace, without pressure.

Stephanie is a great source of motivation - her support, guidance and care towards her students are what makes this program.

I particularly liked the live coaching calls, which I found very informative plus the chance to get to know all the other students from all parts of the world, to know you're surrounded by others who want to learn and make their businesses succeed is very empowering. With Stephanie at the helm it becomes a very supportive community.

Whether you've been in business a while or you're new to the game, enrolling on The B&B School course is a must in my opinion. I should have done it years ago!"

Elaine, England

The Best B&B Coach EVER!

"The B&B School has helped me to make more informed decisions about marketing issues that arise in my business and to put more strategies in place to help our business grow.

We have learned to evaluate our target market more carefully and we have changed our marketing strategy accordingly to get more of the types of customers that we want.  

But not only that, we learned our strengths as well as our weaknesses in this business and how to earn more and work less!

I loved working with Stephanie, talking to her face to face. No matter what the question, she was always there to help!

The community of like-minded international accommodation providers was awesome! It really felt like everyone was helping each other.   The opportunity to dive deep into issues in the Hot Seats was also priceless!

The training videos that you can watch in your time are such a fantastic educational tool and resource that you can watch over and over until you understand or get the work done. So well thought out and it feels like Stephanie is in the room with you!  

I’ve even been to stay with a fellow B&B School-mate in another country which was phenomenal!

There have been too many a-ha moments to count! Every module answered so many questions that I didn’t even realize that I had. And Stephanie was always one step ahead, answering my question as I was thinking it with a "Now I know what you are thinking....."!

If you’re hesitating over whether or not to join The B&B School, just do it! I'm so happy that I did!  I just wish I'd known Stephanie six years ago when I started this business because my journey would have been SO different.

Stephanie is such a knowledgeable, caring, honest and experienced coach. Her background as a B&B owner along with her own successful training company all combine to make her the best teacher and mentor to help you take your business to where you want it to go."

Shelley & Serge, Canada

It Has Helped Us To Transform Our Business

"We realised we were great at working in our business but needed to learn how to work on our business in order to move forward. 

Working with “Sensei” Steph has helped us to transform our business.  Our direct booking rate has increased from 30% to 72% and we’ve had our first ever month of solely direct bookings!  We’ve reduced our OTA commission fees by 55% and are well on our way to saying goodbye to OTAs forever. 

The way The B&B School is set up means that you can work any time of the day (or night!).  The videos mean that if you forget something you can go back and listen again. 

The coaching calls allow you to get answers to your questions and listen to the problems others are having.  The community is very supportive and your peers can also help you to review your work.  All in all The B&B School really suited the way we needed to fit our learning around our busy working day.

Stephanie encourages you to stay focused on your numbers and this has mean that we have been more much able to plan for this year.  We have a much better understanding of our costs and profits.

If you’re prepared to put in the effort, #TrustTheProcess and do the work that Steph recommends that you can have a successful business – just do it!"

Nigel and Juliette, England

My Confidence Has Grown Ten-Fold!

"I joined The B&B School because even though I have been in the industry for over 25 years, it was getting tough and I knew I had to learn how to do things differently if we wanted to survive.

I’ll be honest, I was a little concerned being on the opposite side of the world to Stephanie and whether that would affect the training and support I gained through The B&B School  – but I didn’t need to worry!  Students come from all corners of the globe and Stephanie ensures that each and every one of us have the support we need.

I have gained so much from the program, I don’t know where to start!  My marketing and social media skills have rocketed.  I’ve learnt how to maximise technology and implement systems and processes that have helped me to be far more efficient in my business.  As Stephanie promises, she teaches you to work smarter not harder.

Bookings have increased already and I’m winning business awards! 

All in all my confidence has grown ten-fold.  Don’t believe people when they stay you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – Stephanie CAN. 

It has been a fantastic hands-on experience.  The training videos are easy to follow and you can watch and re-watch them at your own pace.  The live coaching calls have been amazing and also having access to the replays mean you do not miss a thing.  The community is fantastic and I have also absolutely loved interacting with fellow accommodation providers from all over the world.


The B&B School has given me focus.  I believe that we all need someone to encourage us to achieve like Stephanie does, she really cares about each and every single student and having had her own tourism business really understands what we are going through.

If you’re thinking of joining The B&B School then I say go for it!  If you want to stay in business is this fast changing world of technology, it's the best way to sharpen your skills.  
Stephanie doesn't tell you how to do day to day stuff (let’s be honest we all know how to do that!) but how to make your place stand out from the crowd and how to really "Wow your guests"."

Joy Ensor, Australia

We Have Gained So Much From The Program

"We joined The B&B School to learn more about marketing our business and increasing direct bookings.  We knew we needed to improve the visibility of our B&B but just didn’t know how to do. 

We were a little concerned at first as to whether we’d get value for money from joining but we shouldn’t have worried – we CERTAINLY got that and more!   

Steph knows her stuff, is so easy to work with and gives you a gentle kick up the backside when needed!  We have gained so much from the program and it has all helped to bring in so much more business – and a lot of that has been DIRECT bookings which is a massive win.

The training is great and because it’s in video format I could watch them more than once.  Also having the audio version was an added bonus because I could listen to them when cleaning rooms and go back to them later to pick up on the bits that resonated with me.

The group coaching calls with Stephanie were priceless - her advice and guidance is second to none.  The community was also very encouraging, friendly and informative and spurred me on to get things done.

When the accountant queried why the OTA commission fees were a LOT lower than the previous accounting year and questioned whether the figure was right, I could proudly say it was because MOST of our bookings are coming direct!

If you are thinking of joining The B&B School just do it – it is so well worth the money and you will get so much from it.  We've enjoyed building our business so much that we've just bought a second one!"

Nicky Cole, England

Stephanie Is One Of The Best Teachers - Ever!

"I joined the B&B school because I was new to B&B ownership and didn't have a clue about marketing (being a former teacher!) and I needed to get my business “out there”.  Whilst we offered a great place to stay, no-one knew about us!

I wasn't sure if The B&B School would be a good fit for me mainly because I didn't think I knew enough to fit into the group but it turns out I wasn't the only one in that place at that time. 

I was also concerned about the cost.  We didn't have a lot of money and wasn't even sure that what I would learn would be worth it.

I worried unnecessarily!  After only a few weeks of joining we started seeing results!

I have gained so much knowledge and information and I have had SO many wins!  From refining our offering, learning how to create an amazing website that converts, winning awards, implementing successful Facebook campaigns, building our list - it goes on and on. 


Most importantly of all our bookings have already doubled this year compared to last and they’re still increasing!  And they’re all direct and at the prices we always wanted to charge but weren’t confident enough to ask for!! 


I have also gained new friends - working with other accommodation providers helped me so much.  We share information and tips and it’s great to know that I’m not alone in my trials and tribulations!  I’ve been honoured to welcome fellow students to stay with us here in Italy and I have enjoyed visiting others on the other side of the world!

I LOVED every element of the program, the videos, the calls, the hot seats, the community because all together they make up an amazing program! 

However, the dedicated support that Stephanie gives really is the icing on the cake.  She is always available and there to help.  I love her kindness and willingness to support us and she offers so much guidance and support in growing your business.  She really is one of the best teachers - ever!

If you're thinking of joining all I can say is JUST DO IT!"

Margaret, Italy

Stephanie Knows The B&B Business From Top To Bottom!

"Stephanie really is a true expert.   She inspires, encourages and empowers you to understand marketing and make the changes necessary to improve bookings and grow your business.

But, as a B&B School student, you get so much more than just her knowledge!  

You get her generosity of spirit, her attention to detail and her ability to address problems head on but with empathy and compassion.    
She doesn't avoid the difficult and has both patience and persistence.  Stephanie's there when you need her, reacting and responding quickly. 

And she always goes the extra mile!"

Ros and Richard, England

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